The SEF Creative project

SEF Creative‘s aim is to highlight our unique quality and original designs, and the fascinating work created with wearable artwork being the glue that brings this style together, along with the real people behind the work. These are the hardcore, quality talent that sometimes has to starve, in the name of loving  just to do what they love.

We are be starting out small (We just came on-line mid-August at Spreadshirt, ) but have been planning this for some months, and we will continue to grow and expand our portfolio of artists and talent as SEF Creative is able to bring notice to this great and interesting project, which we see growing and becoming something worth taking a look at.

We are here because we love art, and we love to create amazing things.  We are original, We are S The word original gets used in so many ways, but we want to strive to be original from the ground up. Original ideas, turned into an original and unique project, which in turn will hopefully create a unique and fresh feel to the products, community, and art we aim to provide at SEF Creative. Each day will be a lesson in some way or another for me and for the others who have already expressed interest or have joined the SEF Creative project, and I know I look forward to seeing this dream become a reality, and SEF Creative become a project worth any artist from anywhere looking into and spreading the word. We also want to share a common bond, a gathering of people where ideas, thoughts, art and design of all sorts can be talked about and compared, through on-line networking and social media, all the way to field trips and group projects for the local area members.

There is much more to come, so keep posted for updates and new apparel.


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