STUDIO85 specializes in cutting edge apparel graphics,  logo development, corporate identity branding and printed materials design.

My name is J.D. Langley, and I am experienced in all types of projects, both in print and in photography and multimedia production. I specialize in making your image, design or project something that is above and beyond in your market or field.

“Designing professionally since 2002, with projects that have been featured in places such as Las Vegas, Hollywood and Hawaii…”

The ability to design is not one of just artistic expression or natural ability, but ones that requires possession of visual problem solving skills and tactics of a very talented and unique few, and I pair that with the passion for creating something that is unique and visually stimulating to all who view it.

I have been designing professionally since 2004, and have found the job so rewarding and unique that I could not imagine doing anything else. During this time, I have created specialized techniques that use standard mediums (Sketching, painting and drawing), and incorporates them into digital design and graphics in unique and eye catching ways. This has allowed me to personally provide a client with a product that is cutting edge, technically advanced, and creatively done.


“STUDIO85’s approach to creating original material and designs is set apart and different from what I have seen before…”



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