SEF Creative: Our apparel shop is live!

Just a quick bit of info… Our long awaited apparel branch (SEF Creative) has finally opened! Make sure and check out the latest and greatest out at the store.
Visit us at (by clicking HERE or the above banner) to check out our Spreadshirt site, and keep tuned for the full site coming soon!



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Hands on with the Ipad 2.0

Well, I must refer mostly back to my previous review of the iPad before, and I will sadly say that I can’t say much more that I did say before when first reviewing the iPad.

I must say though in all honesty, that the snappiness and response of the ‘pad is quote attractive. Also the solidly built body and seemingly sturdy construction does lend itself to quality and an apparently well put together product.

While doing the on hands trial at the apple store here in Modesto, CA  (This time without one to play with doing whatever I wanted, as was the case with the demo unit I was so privileged to try a couple of months ago) I was still at the same stalemate that I was when first demoing one before.  This time I was able to get some input from the John Does around me, that were at the same time testing and feeling the product out. Without inputting any of my own thoughts or opinions concerning the product, I asked what they thought. These were the general answers:

Man 1:

“I like the response time and the UI, but I have to say, it feels like a bloated iTouch or iPhone, with less functionality when concerning no built-in 3g capability without payment, esp. when considering I am already an iPhone customer…”

Woman 1: “It’s sexy, but I feel like I really just need my Macbook still, and my iPhone still… I feel like its ‘trying’ to bridge that gap but it still comes short. Maybe iPad 2.0 will do it right..”

Men (2) : “Well, he really likes the sexiness of the unit, and we both love it, but it’s really apparent to any person that pays attention to real technology that without the easy adaptors (USB plug-in, SD Cards, ETC), that its ability is limited in some very basic ways…” (Man 2:) “Maybe when the next one comes out, I can really consider paying for it, but for right now, my real laptop does everything bigger and better, but maybe just less sexy.. “.


Well, from these “off the street” reviews, which I admit are only a couple, there seems to be a general consensus. iPad is sexy, iPad is cool… I agree. It’s pretty awesome. I love the design, and the feel, but in the long run as stated when I first reviewed it, it comes down to real functionality, which in some real important ways it does lack.

Adam Jackson was right to say that it differs in usability between “Techs” and the “Mom and Pop” group of users. 🙂

I hope you all realize this is coming from just the “Guy next door” reviewer and not some hardcore technologist that bases his life around this stuff… I mean, crap… I am still using a Compaq Presario v2000 (Customized, I have to admit, and running way more faster and more hardware than standard, but still… 🙂  Anyways, thanks for taking time to read my thoughts and opinions, and I would love some input…

STUDIO85 is closed…

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Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD (Downhill skateboarding)

I recently ran across this video, and enjoyed the spectacle immensely. I would definitely take a look and check out the rad speed and craziness portrayed in this video –

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD (Via

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Deals and Steals

Well, here are the deals and steals for this next week, ending next thursday at 12:00pm.

MENTION code 7500 when placing a business card order over the phone and receive 20% off design costs!

also mention V-day 2010 and and receive 15% off any design services until Valentines day…

Just some deals and steals to keep in mind! 🙂

LinkedIn Profile is up

I recently, finally and thankfully finished setting up my profile.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as that is something that has been left sitting for awhile.

While we are on the subject, let me post some links real quick that will direct you to more info on me (J.D. Langley) and STUDIO85:

Much thanks from Studio85!