Android Applications for 2.1 (Droid)


There have been some recent new apps release for Android platform, and there are a great amount of other applications available that do some great and amazing things.

The android market has been growing and growing! has just announced that by their accounts the Android Market has just reached the milestone of 50,000 Android Applications.

Below you will find my take on some of the newer releases, and also what I think of some of my most used applications.

:: Recent Android Application releases ::


New York Times Application

A cool video display experience, different font size options and the ability to share articles through e-mail, TXT (SMS), and Social Media applications such as Twitter and Facebook, and it works on Android smartphones with operating system version 1.6x or higher.

Designed to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Android user interface and includes formatting designed specifically for your Android phone.

New York Times will be a free app available on Android Market.

( Description)

3rd part New York Times app comes to Android market! Enjoy the high-quality journalism of The New York Times on your Gphone
-Online/Offline reading
-Full screen view
-Scalable fonts size
-Share with friends via Email/SNS/SMS
-Save interested articles
-Performance Optimism

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Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Brightkite and more! Update all your social networks from your phone using your account.

* Post status, microblog and blog messages
* Upload pictures
* Add geographic location using GPS
* URL shortening (,,,
* Full integration with android apps


PingDroid is a client. A darn cool one, and I am glad that something has been released finally that works well and takes full advantage of my account. Before Pingdroid I was going back and forth between my Facebook and Twitter to post. Now I just simply open up the clean looking application, and update simultanesly across all my social media platforms.

The application design is SIMPLE! I like the lack of clutter and the simple setup and ease of use. On the other side of things, I could see people feeling the minimal design as lacking.  The memory footprint is nice and small (580 KB). The buttons are nice and big, and relatively straightforward in their use. One of my complaints is the enter button on the virtual keyboard directly submits your post, and this can at times be annoying, but you get use to it, and it can even at times be handy.

The Menu button brings up several options: Camera, Image, Location, Services and Settings. They all are pretty self explanatory. Location brings up a list of locations. Sometimes I will receive a notice that I need to enable my GPS (When I have GPS off), and other times it will just bring up a list of surrounding places.


The biggest problem is the camera feature. I repeatedly am getting a force close on its use. I can open up the camera, then take a photo, and then after about 2 seconds, the application force closes, and returns to the main screen of the application.


About Studio85 - Modesto Graphic Design
I have a large amount of things I am very passionate about. I will list a few here... I really enjoy everything that has to do with art and design. I enjoy the benefits one recieves when enjoying everything the world around us has to offer. I enjoy helping and giving to others. I support our soldiers and military personnel all over the world. I love to love. God is the real source of my talents and abilities, and the only reason that I can take each day and do something wonderful with it. I enjoy social media to the point where I am being recommended for therapy by my friends. I love Twitter. I am passionate about supporting freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. I am patriotic and political. I love the study of people and persons. I love to enjoy the nature that is set out all over the world. I love long road trips to nowhere. I will one day live on the coast of America. I dislike being stuck in the Central Valley, CA. I enjoy the people that make up the social circle I run in. I really love attending and being part of a good church. I find that family are the people that are there for you no matter what. I enjoy tech, computers, cell phones and multi-media. I like to make a clients face light up as I bring there ideas to life through art and design.

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