Well, this post is going to be a little different than what I normally write about. This post is about MY city, the place I work, play and live in… Modesto, California. I am going to start with a little background so you now where I came from first, and a little bit about how I got here.

My Origins

I was originally born in Moreno Valley, California… Way down south in the greater empire area of Southern California, east of L.A.  I really only remember a little bit of living there, but I remember enough to know I liked it, and loved the area the that I lived in.

We lived right on the edge of some small mountain ranges, and there was a little horse ranch down the street, and I have fond memories of feeding the horses with my Dad when we would go ou ton long bike rides, with me sitting in the backseat of the old ten speed. As I recall, we lived right on the edge of the city, and not very far from a small golf course and park that were located slightly up the mountain. My brother, Dad and I used to go out  near the golf course and throw rocks in the evening for the bats to swoop and chase, and used to dig in the piles of cut grass for lost golfing tees. I have to admit, it was a good life. Then came the news.

On Us Moving North

Well, when I had just turned 6 years old, my father decided to move us. He had been offered the ownership of a company in Modesto, and my grandfather already also held a position in the company (Environment Control). AS I remember, I was rather upset, as this was the first and only house I had known. I really loved the house, and never thought something could compare to what I had there. Even more upsetting was the fact that we were moving only a few days after my birthday, and that seemed to take away all birthday type celebrations, in my young mind.  I know that in reality things work out for the best, and sometimes parents can’t help but do things certain ways and at certain times… And no matter what, sometimes it will hurt and disapoint their kids.

Well, to make a long story short, we moved to Modesto, California, the 17th largest city in the state of California.  I remember being amazed at the number of trees the city had. There seemed to be trees, big trees, everywhere. Our first house here in town was a small brick fronted rental on Bronson Ave, right across the street from Roosevelt park, and down the street from Roosevelt Jr. High.  The house had a large backyard and a small front yard, with small comfy bedrooms and a brick walled garden that we planted tomatoes in. We did enjoy, as children, the year we lived at the house, as much as I do remember.

After a year or so, we ended up moving down the street, and purchased a house, where we lived for another six years. These six years were spent in child like bliss. The house had everything you would want as a child. A large sandbox took up a good part of the backyard, and in this sandbox sat a large playhouse that was raised up into the air on stilts. My father had taken care to provide us with the simple and profound joys that make such a difference in childhood. One of my fondest memories was our large “Blue Barrel”… This was a large plastic 55 gallon drum that had been used previously to store some type of chemical at my Father’s shop. We used the barrel for many things, including a small swimming pool and a downhill transportation device. Between the sandpit fights and the other million things we enjoyed at the house, the blue barrel still remains one of my fondest memories. As time went on,  my family slowly came to the realization that we would be best suited to live out in the country, and the goal of my parents became to move us out of the city. A large family such as ours (5 brothers, 1 sister) seemed more suited to the country style of living as it was, and also counting on the fact we were all home-schooled from day one, made it so that a large country setting would be ideal.

Moving out of the City

After several years, the finances became available to move out to a large house outside of town to the north, nestled right between Modesto and Riverbank. It was in the middle of 10 acres, surrounded by cattle and some random livestock (Which as children, we had took a special liking to), and several large houses were also located a few acres apart to the left and right of us. This house was again a rental, and even though we did not own the house, it was a home and I can honestly say that the memories that were made at the house were irreplaceable and I could have never have asked for better. We lived for some years in that house, enjoying the benefits of no real neighbors, and no one to bug or to harass us, being rambunctious and rather loud children, which allowed us to be able to discover the joy of explosives, guns,  mud wrestling and the simpler joys of life. After several years, the opportunity to purchase a house on the other side of the city, again one that was outside the limits of the city, (Just barely), presented itself. This house was beautiful and I really was very excited to have the opportunity to move into such a great place.

We ended up moving again when I was 16 years old. Now, This house was one of the nicer houses that we had lived in, although while smaller than our previous rental, it was spaciously built, and the house had been remodeled and it was beautiful, inside and out. A classic farmhouse, white with green trim and a red roof, the house stands out, and was admirable in every degree. This house also had a great property area around it. A huge barnyard and a great backyard that surrounded the whole entire house.

This place, well… It’s an amazing and beautiful house to live in, and I especially think that you really could not ask for better when considering a place to live, especially in the area of Modesto.

Now, Concerning Modesto.

I don’t like living here. In fact, at times I really find myself hating it. I hate how tiny it is. I hate how the people here act and how much crime we deal with. I hate the fact that our streets our not safe and we face a huge problem with crime and drugs. I hate the fact that I might be raising my kids here. I hate that I find myself in one of the worst places to live in the United States (Forbes). I hate the fact the I can’t feel safe while walking down the streets in My city, and have more than a good chance of facing some unsavory character that will challenge my right to walk on that side of the street.

Well, we now come to the subject of Modesto, our original subject of discussion for this post. Lets start with some basic facts about Modesto.

The Good

The Bad

  • Modesto is known by several nicknames, some well deserved: Car Theft Capital of the World”  “Meth Capital of the World” “Meth-Desto” “Modestojuana”
  • Modesto is Forbes 8th most miserable city in the USA (2008) . (Read Article in Modesto Bee here)
  • The small town feel has become personally suffocating, and there is a noticeable lack of entertainment and venues catering to quality entertainment. Even “High-end” eating is sub-par and lacks luster.  I admit this is when compared to places such as Sacramento and San Francisco.
  • GANG VIOLENCE: There is a massive amount of gang violence in Modesto, especially in South/West Modesto (Related Article) (Related Video)
  • The lack of real job and career opportunities: We are experiencing some of the nations highest unemployment rates. (19.1%) (Facts here)
  • Lack of good local schooling: High School students and Jr. High students tend the be lower than standard on testing performance.  (Related Video)
  • Traffic Congestion: Areas especially around Standiford/Sisk and Pelandale/Sisk have are notorious for afternoon and morning congestion.
  • Availability of drugs: I have found that Modesto seems to have a large amount of drugs easily available. In most cases, drugs of any kind are available by just a simple phone call.

Now, some of these points above are matters of personal opinion, and not a city wide felt opinion by any means. While I have laid down some of the points in a rather harsher light, this just comes from living and experiencing a lot of the bad around here in Modesto. I admit, I am young and there are a lot of good things about living here too… Although, when you lived immersed in a world of news and social media, you really do realize how much better things could possibly be.

Now, the good things and the bad things about this city bring to mind several things for me. I find that if my current city is so bad, then we have nowhere to go but up. We can get caught up in the negative things, and focus on all the horrible things that this city is going though, but we can and will approach these things with a positive attitude that will in turn yield a better city, whether it be sooner, or later. I know that we are all responsible for what is going on in this city, good or bad, and we all possess the power to turn around and change the things that make this city what it is.

People doing.

There are many groups and organisations around the city that are doing great things around the city, and they are actually making big differences. Big Differences. I see hope amongst all the clutter, and I know that through real effort and with real people, real difference can be made.

I have actually started to take real notice of the efforts being made to


About Studio85 - Modesto Graphic Design
I have a large amount of things I am very passionate about. I will list a few here... I really enjoy everything that has to do with art and design. I enjoy the benefits one recieves when enjoying everything the world around us has to offer. I enjoy helping and giving to others. I support our soldiers and military personnel all over the world. I love to love. God is the real source of my talents and abilities, and the only reason that I can take each day and do something wonderful with it. I enjoy social media to the point where I am being recommended for therapy by my friends. I love Twitter. I am passionate about supporting freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. I am patriotic and political. I love the study of people and persons. I love to enjoy the nature that is set out all over the world. I love long road trips to nowhere. I will one day live on the coast of America. I dislike being stuck in the Central Valley, CA. I enjoy the people that make up the social circle I run in. I really love attending and being part of a good church. I find that family are the people that are there for you no matter what. I enjoy tech, computers, cell phones and multi-media. I like to make a clients face light up as I bring there ideas to life through art and design.

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