Android Applications and Reviews.


I have now been using the android platform for several months and can say I have had a real first hand look and feel for Android 2.0.1 (DROID Native OS)  and Android 2.1 (Nexus One Native OS, Also portable to DROID).

After considerable use not only of the built in “Google Experience” these phones and OS’s provide, I have been able to narrow down what seems for me to be the best handful of applications and tweaks to get the best out of your Android device. I am not a reviewer or a pro of any sort. These are just simple thoughts from a simple guy that loves technology and the open-source project known as Android…

If you have any more ideas for great apps or thoughts on the reviews posted here, let me know!


Scan this QR code to get the free version of ATK

The first and most useful app one must download (Free on the Android Marketplace, also paid version available) is the “Advanced Task Killer”. This application will not only save battery time, but will boost your productivity speed and performance.

The main difference I have noticed through its use in the free and paid app is the paid one is faster than the free version, but not enough in my opinion to warrant a purchase necessarily.


One click to kill applications running background. Features: click to select or unselect the app, long press to activate pop-up menu, Menu>Settings>Notification bar icon, AutoStart Ignore.


A cool browser that brings some neat things to the table. Multiple tabbed browsing, gesture based control, and Multi-Touch Functionality (Such as pinch zooming) makes this a must download for anyone that spends anytime real time browsing the web.

The great layout of the “All-in-one” start page make for a great start. The google sites and abilities are all under one tab, and you have a host of other functions built right into the browser itself.

Here are some key features I copied down from the site:

Easily share what you find on the web with your friends. Post web pages and status updates to Twitter and Facebook with a single click.

Built in RSS detection.

A smart address bar that I just love.

Bookmark and sync with Google Bookmark.

Reorganize your main menu layout and buttons.

The ability to swap between windows/tabs easily and incredibly intuitive.

There are many more features, but I must say you have to download the browser for yourself.

Here is a summary of features (Pros and Cons) for the Dolphin Browser:

taken from


  • Multi-touch enabled, including enhanced pinch-zoom (2.0+ Android devices only)
  • Gestures
  • Visual bookmarks
  • Windows tabbed browsing
  • Swipe left/right to scroll through open windows
  • Highly functional start page
  • Option to download YouTube videos
  • Themes
  • RSS detection and subscription
  • Save link to ‘read it later’
  • Save cache/history to SD card
  • Long press ‘back’ button to clear cache and exit


  • Slower than Stock Browser
  • Ads!
  • No double tap zoom (double tap toggles tab view)
  • Bulky/ugly tabs
  • No location detection

SO there are my thoughts on the Dolphin Browser. Let me know what you guys think.

ShopSavvy application.

Design by “Big in Japan”.

It is most basically explained as a “Advanced Bar code and product Finder”.

I love the speed and response of this application, and its ease of use is nice and straightforward. It has some more advanced features such as letting you know when prices go down on an item locally or on the web, and it also has great support for QR codes! I have used some of the other bar code scanners available out there, but have found this one to be the most stable, and it most definably gives you the a good bang for your buck. The ShopSavvy app is free on the Android Marketplace. I would recommend a visit to to get the full scoop.

SEESMIC for Android (Twitter App):

While Twidroid has seemed to command the use and user base for a large majority of 2.0 devices, Seesmic is my opinion, a much better option.

Multiple account capability (FREE) and the interface and GUI are well designed, making for easy to read timeline, buttons, and intuitive functionality that brings it to the top of my list as a Twitter application for your 2.0 device. I have spent a lot of time with the others, (Swift, Twidroid, etc) and have found that these have some excellent features in their own right, but the whole package in general is better on this application.  The only complaint I personally have is that it seems to take its time when fetching a link to your twitpic post when uploading. This has happened more than several times where I have had to wait longer than 30 seconds for the twitpic tag to finish being added to the update.

In the long run, the functionality, design and multiple accounts feature is what is swaying me to say this is by far my favorite Twitter application yet for Android.

Make sure and check it out for yourself.

FX Camera

A kick in the camera virtual fun spot… This application has led to many hours of me poking through the house or other currently located spot, snapping away at everything, using the very cool included filters and special effects that FX camera comes with. This is a MUST for anyone that plans to have some fun with photography on their android device.


– ToyCam
– Polandroid
– Fisheye
– SymmetriCam
– Warhole

These modes will entertain you and your friends for hours, and will spark that creative center you know you have!

You can check out my FLICKR and see some shots that are taken with the FXcamera application.

Voice Recorder

A simple and great app for recording voice notes. Comes with a great little widget for one push recording. Voice Recorder features that same trademark black background found on many of today’s Android Apps and it does so with simple and understated visuals that make the application enjoyable to use. The data is recorded to a SD card. Available are the following items in the Voice Recorder options:  – send a data as attached file via Gmail – timer & background recording – search by TITLE and DATE – use as ringtone.

More application reviews are being written, and will be posted to this update as finished.


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