NEW web address and Specials!

We just recently finally finalized the purchase of our domain, and will be working on updating and getting a full flash site up and running, with our target date being spring 2010. Meanwhile, make sure and stop by on occasion to stay up to date on deals, discounts and news! We are offering once a month specials on services and products! We also will be updating you with local events and going ons here in the Valley area. Feel free to drop us an email with any suggestions, or if you have an event you would like mentioned or put on our site, email us at

– Current Special for this week ending 1-23-10 –

1000 qty business cards – Design and Print: $59.99

price does not include shipping. price is for single sided cards.

(Single Design per 1000 qty)

Also don’t forget about our other January deals – Look at the below post for more info!


About Studio85 - Modesto Graphic Design
I have a large amount of things I am very passionate about. I will list a few here... I really enjoy everything that has to do with art and design. I enjoy the benefits one recieves when enjoying everything the world around us has to offer. I enjoy helping and giving to others. I support our soldiers and military personnel all over the world. I love to love. God is the real source of my talents and abilities, and the only reason that I can take each day and do something wonderful with it. I enjoy social media to the point where I am being recommended for therapy by my friends. I love Twitter. I am passionate about supporting freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. I am patriotic and political. I love the study of people and persons. I love to enjoy the nature that is set out all over the world. I love long road trips to nowhere. I will one day live on the coast of America. I dislike being stuck in the Central Valley, CA. I enjoy the people that make up the social circle I run in. I really love attending and being part of a good church. I find that family are the people that are there for you no matter what. I enjoy tech, computers, cell phones and multi-media. I like to make a clients face light up as I bring there ideas to life through art and design.

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